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Not many people can create a workout routine that’s fun, engaging, and rewarding enough to keep them coming back day in and day out and staying fit. If that’s you, then lucky you — keep up with that! But if you’re someone who’s never been able to stick to an exercise routine, here are some simple tips to keep fit sooner!

1. Take it slow

Is this you? Suddenly, one day, I felt super motivated and excited to go to practice. So you rush to register for a gym membership, buy a lot of exercise clothes and prepare a dense workout schedule with many difficult exercises. However, once you start practicing, you will very quickly realize that you are not at the fitness level you thought you were, you very quickly get tired and unmotivated, and … you give up.

Start your workout gradually with simple exercises such as walking, and jogging or simply get your body to exercise gently, and work your way up and add difficulty to your exercise later. People still say ”The proof of the pudding is in the eating” right?

2. Find a ”Companion”

It’s always more fun exercising with a friend than when alone because it will keep you coming back day in and day out and stay fit sooner.

However (again), not everyone feels comfortable exercising with someone or having someone motivated enough to go to the gym with them. This is where fitness apps like GO2E come into play.

– Always ready to accompany you day and night

– Monitor all your progress with just one click

– Keep you motivated by creating an attractive source of income

GO2E is designed to help you cut out the boring and difficult parts of working out. We’re here to turn the entire concept of exercise on its head and make it fun, exciting, and accessible for everyone to stay healthy.

Not only is GO2E less of an initial investment in the long run, but there are also the daily rewards you get for walking or running with your NFT sneaker outside.

Beyond the token returns, there are also intangible benefits to working out with GO2E. Because GO2E is integrated into the web3 market, it also social capital and brings a whole new population onto web3, financial extending the space and closing gaps.

>>> Kindly check our whitepaper for more information about GO2E’s Move-to-earn mechanism: https://whitepaper.go2e.io/

3. Relax

Allowing your body to rest well in between and after workouts will allow it to have fun and develop muscles. So don’t feel guilty about being a couch potato for about an hour after finishing that day’s exercise goal. The harder you exercise, the more you’ll look forward to the deep relaxation that follows.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you: Start exercising more gently and effectively, feel more fun, and easily commit to your plan to reach your ”body goal” sooner.

GO2E is honored to be your companion in building a sustainable and dynamic health journey. With GO2E, we aspire to develop a healthy community with good habits, turning exercise into one of our daily activities.

? Together, we go stronger ?

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