Basic steps to move and earn with GO2E

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It’s not always easy to get used to move-to-earn or just basically a new app as GO2E users still have many questions and doubts. Thus, we recommend you read this post before enjoying the moving journey ahead. Above all, maximize your profit.

Basic steps to move and earn with GO2E

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Once you’re in the app, the first important step is to pick one of your favorite NFT sneakers in the My asset tab.

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If you want to move and earn, think about taking your initial investment out or buying the first NFT sneakers as soon as possible. You can run every time, but you can only run and earn when you have one NFT and enough Stamina.

>> More about Stamina

On the left side of My asset, you can find the Run section that takes you to the Go to Exclusive mode (individual mode) or other Challenges. Your move and earn time starts right after you tap on “Run Now” button.

Note: Go to Extend mode (team mode) is under development

go2e app

What else can we do with the app?

The above are certainly not all. Users also have the opportunity to discover many new features that have been continuously developed, notably the Go to Encounter function that will connect GO2E users worldwide in an augmented way.

Important note for newbies

When running with GO2E, don’t forget to check your sneaker frequently and make sure it’s well repaired before losing its proficiency. Because:

  • At 50/100 Durability, Sneaker Proficiency drops to 90%.
  • At 20/100 Durability, Sneaker Proficiency drops to 10%.

Now we hope you got the basic ideas about how to play on GO2E! If you still have any concerns, just drop them in our Community Chat and our moderators will answer them as soon as possible.

Toss your phone and be ready to make your move count!

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