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We are delighted to inform you that GO2E Freemint is now live. Here is a guideline to help you go through the process.

How to join our Freemint event

1️⃣STEP 1: On your browser, go to the official Freemint site <link>. You will be greeted with the following page:

2️⃣ STEP 2: Connect your Polygon Wallet to our Website

Click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button highlighted in the red box. A new pop-up asking for you to connect your Polygon wallet will appear.

Choose your desired wallet then click on the Approve button to continue

*Note: Make sure to add Polygon (MATIC) Network to your wallet. For more details visit HERE

3️⃣ STEP 3: Select the number of Sneakers you want. You can mint up to 10 NFT per transactionYou may mint multiple times, up to the maximum.

4️⃣ STEP 4: Hit the ”Freemint” button

After you minted the NFTs and receive confirmation that the transaction is successful, you can now go to your Inventory to check your Sneakers.

Details about GO2E Freemint 

Timeline:  Sept 19th – Oct 2nd. 

💎Shoe Rarity: 90% Chipped, 10% Flawed

😎 Becoming an early holder of GO2E will grant privileges throughout our system development, which will be revealed soon. So hurry up and get your Freemint NFT now

Don’t forget to turn on your notification and get the greatest deal as soon as possible!

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