Go to Exclusive – Where exercising meets earning

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It won’t be long to wait: The expected Beta app is just around the corner with the first and primary game mode of GO2E.

Go to Exclusive mode is about to start

Go to Exclusive is a mode that allows users to earn while running alone. We are mentioning that exercising connects with earning. Put another way, monetize your assets while you are “going,” similar to how someone would pay you to run.

Users will have their digital assets in-app increased just by participating in different game modes of GO2E. In this post, we example Go to Exclusive as the fundamental mode to incentivize fitness enthusiasts to make use of their NFT Sneakers and access the Move2Earn world.

Users can also earn more by getting Mystery Boxes that are randomly dropped (under development) or by participating in challenges, competitions and events of GO2E.

A call for Beta Testers

Your voice is essential to us in bringing the GO2E app into Mainnet!

We are highly dedicated to helping both old and new users understand move-to-earn mechanisms while establishing a bigger community via Beta Test. And the truth of the matter is that we’d love to hear your comments and feedback about the app.

As mentioned above, Go to Exclusive is one of our most basic modes available in Beta Test representing the Move to Earn spirit. We will prepare you with some free sneakers; all you have to do is try the concept of running and get rewarded for every minute you run.

Excited yet?

We hope you’re all pump as we are now. More information about Beta Test will be out soon as we advance toward the launch!

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