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GO2E is a Web 3.0 fitness app with inbuilt Game-Fi, Social-Fi, and Metaverse elements; aiming to become an innovative mobile solution for the next generation of fitness enthusiasts who want to socialize and be active in both virtuality and reality.

The world’s increased attention in health

It’s undeniable to say that COVID 19 has brought significant losses and difficulties to the world. Beyond the direct impact of the virus on our long-term health, staying indoors and self-isolating have had significant consequences on our mental well-being. Quarantined indoors and forced to self-isolate, experts say psychological damages from the social and emotional turmoil of COVID could last a generation.

However, if there is one good point that COVID has, it is to help people realize the importance of health. In fact, the notion that physical activity helps keep us healthy is old news. People are already aware that exercise is good for them in many ways, but not many people make it a part of their daily routine. The reasons are plenty: not motivated enough, not knowing where to start, not having enough time and necessary supplies, etc. This is where the GO2E team was inspired and decided to start the project.

GO2E’s potential in the fitness-to-earn movement

In the world of GO2E, players will need to equip themselves with NFTs Sneakers. Players will earn in-game tokens as rewards for participating in any sports activity, including walking, running, or workouts in general. The number of earnings for each person will vary depending on their shoes’ rarity level and stats.

With 03 game modes, including ‘’Go to Exclusive’’, ‘’Go to Extend’’, ‘’Go to Easy’’; And 01 social feature: ‘’Go to Encounter’’, GO2E aims to create a Sport Metaverse where users can enjoy multi-sports while earning additional income, facilitating them to lead a lively, enjoyable and healthier lifestyle.

GO2E – Sport for everyone

GO2E’s mission is to help millions lead a healthier lifestyle, connect them to web3 and help combat climate change. We hope to help thousands improve their lives by making simple changes to their lifestyle — as simple as taking a walk around the block. In the future, GO2E even has plans to partner with sports brands to further popularize this healthy lifestyle.

The official GO2E app will be released on App Store and Google Play in Q2/2022. Stay tuned for more!

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