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The $GTE Initial Public Sale will take place from 12:00 (UTC) Oct 20 to 12:00 (UTC) Oct 25. Set your alarm now!

Here comes some main information:

📍 Location:

🌟Token name: GTE 

🌟Payment token: USDT 

🌟 Chain: Polygon

🌟​​ Public Sale time: 12:00 UTC Oct 20, 2022 – 12:00 UTC Oct 25, 2022

🌟​​ IDO time: 12:15 UTC Oct 25, 2022

Especially, we will:

  • Bonus 10% tokens for users participating in the first 2 days of Public Sale (12:00 UTC Oct 20- 12:00 UTC Oct 22). 
  • Bonus 5% tokens for users participating in the next 2 days of Public Sale (12:00 UTC Oct 22- 12:00 UTC Oct 24).
  • Bonus tokens will be airdropped within 30 days after IDO.

Before you start, please go to this blog for more information about GO2E Public Sale and the IBCO method.

How to participate in the $GTE Initial Public Sale?

Step 1: Visiting the Official Token Sale Website

On your browser, navigate to the official GO2E Initial Public Sale page at

Step 2: Connect your Polygon Wallet to our Website

2.1. Click on the button ‘Connect Wallet’:

2.2. A new pop-up asking for you to connect your Polygon wallet will appear:

2.3. Click on the relevant Wallet that you will be using to contribute to the Token Sale (For purposes of this guide, we will be using Metamask).

2. A new pop-up from Metamask will ask you to connect your wallet, then click on the ‘Sign’ button to proceed.

Step 3: Components of the $GTE Initial Public Sale Dashboard

If you have completed Step 2 correctly, you will be able to participate in the IBCO

  • The timer on the left will show you how much time is left to join IBCO.

  • The right panel will control the contribution you make. First, Approve spending USDT then choose the amount of USDT you wish to deposit, or we can assist you with deposit options of 25/50/75/100% of your total balance. 

3.2. After entering your contribution amount, you’ll see the Metamask pop-up below. By clicking the confirm button, you will be prompted to validate the transaction on Metamask.

Note: Please make sure you have enough MATIC in your wallet to cover the gas fee. (This fee is Polygon chain gas fee. GO2E DO NOT collect this fee)

  • The bottom left side will display the detailed status of our ongoing sale.

Est. Current Token Price is updated in real-time. However, if you see it’s not updated, it means that Est. Current Token Price is currently less than the starting price set by us.

Note: As the Token Prices will constantly be changing, we understand that there is a possibility that the Token Price may reach a point where participants may no longer wish to take part in the IBCO. Within the contract, we will be providing an option for Participants to withdraw their committed funds at any point during the 5 days that the IBCO is live, with some withdrawal restrictions applied to contributions made above 100 USDT in total value. The reason for these restrictions is the basis of deterring price manipulation by large capitals.

If you need any support, please contact our admins on Telegram or Discord.

We will have an announcement about claiming your GTE token soon. Don’t forget to follow all GO2E social media so you won’t miss any news!

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