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Greetings all runners 👋👋 Here’s the starter kit for you to start earning with GO2E

*If you are viewing this guide on your phone, please open links with your wallet’s browser to avoid errors when connecting wallet. For example:

1️⃣Step 1: Register a new account

You can use this account to sign in to the GO2E app later.

*Your password will also be sent in the verification email.

2️⃣Step 2: Connect & link your wallet

If you never linked your account with any wallet address, you’ll be asked to do this.

*You are required to link your wallet to use sneakers to run & earn

*01 wallet address can only be linked with 01 email address

3️⃣Step 3: Free to mint NFT sneakers

Sneakers are free. But make sure you have enough MATIC in your wallet to cover the gas fee. (This fee is Polygon chain gas fee. GO2E DO NOT collect this fee)

4️⃣Step 4: Move NFT to App Inventory

After successfully minting your NFTs, you need to move them to the App Inventory to use.

(Go to NFT wallet => choose the sneaker you want to transfer to the App Inventory => click on “App Inventory →” button => approve the transaction on Metamask/other wallets)

5️⃣Step 5: Download GO2E app & Start earning

  • iOS (Test Flight): coming soon

That’s it. Now who’s ready to #run&earn? See you on November 3rd when GO2E will officially go mainnet 🚀

If you experience any issues during the process, feel free to ask our moderator in any of our dedicated support channels:



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