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Despite being the very first AMA, we are more than happy to receive much more support than we expected. It is such a pleasure to talk with our beloved community and have a great time together. We hope all of your questions were answered from the sharing of the CEO of GO2E

Sending our massive thanks to all of you who joined our AMA with our CEO, Addie, on June 4th. In case you missed it, here is our «AMA RECAP»


1, Welcome Addie! First, let’s introduce yourself and how did you start in the Crypto industry?

Addie – GO2E’s CEO: My big thanks to everyone here interested in our project. I’m Addie — CEO and Co-Founder of GO2E. I am here to answer anything you would like to know about our project. Hope we will have a nice conversation together.

I used to be the CTO of an outsourcing company. I love technology. I started learning about crypto many years ago. When I knew about NFT Games and Move to earn, that’s when I knew I wanted to create a great game from my experience that brought positive values to society. So I start GO2E project

2, Can you tell us more about the project? How did GO2E start?

Addie – GO2E’s CEO: GO2E is a Web 3.0 fitness app with inbuilt Game-Fi, Social-Fi, and Metaverse elements; aiming to become an innovative mobile solution for the next generation of fitness enthusiasts who want to socialize and be active in both virtuality and reality.

COVID has brought a lot of damage, but if there’s one good thing it brings, then it is to help people realize the importance of health. In fact, the notion that physical activity helps keep us healthy is old news. But not many people make it a part of their daily routine. The reasons are plenty: not motivated enough, not knowing where to start, not having enough time and necessary supplies, etc. This is where the GO2E team was inspired and decided to start the project.

3, What about tokenomics and the token utility of GO2E?

Addie – GO2E’s CEO: About Token Utility, we have 2 types of token:

  • GTE is the native token of GO2E that plays a vital role in GO2E ecosystem

?Capped supply: 1,000,000,000 GTE

?GTE use cases:

– Join Staking & Governance

– Purchase specialty items

– Customize Sneakers

– Level up Sneakers

– Upgrade Jewels

– Enhance Daily Earning Cap

  • OTM is the game token and is earned when a user joins GO2E game mode

?Supply: Unlimited

?OTM use cases:

– Repair Sneakers

– Level up Sneakers

– Upgrade Jewels

– Unlock Socket


1, What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision that GO2E is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market?

Addie – GO2E’s CEO: Our dream is to have a sustainable community around the globe, e.g. Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Europe, America, etc… in which people play sports together, connect with each other, and encourage each other to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The growth of the community and its users is our biggest goal and you could say – a dream.

All matter in this universe is moving very quickly: galaxies, planets, stars, the economy of society, or our own time. Our mission is to make people move more to keep up with that. We realize that: the faster people move, the faster the economy develops, just like the traffic situation or the development speed of works and projects. Improving health is the immediate thing, but promoting the development of the whole world is what we want to aim for. With that vision, we will not only stop at “move to earn”, but in the future, any move of yours will be optimized, promoted and encouraged.

2, Please let us know how evolving the roadmap is right now. What will come this year and in the future?

Addie – GO2E’s CEO: We are focusing on product development. We are in private beta testing and will be rolling out to the community soon.

In the next 100 days, we will continue to work our best to perfect the app as well as the necessary websites, at the same time we will continue to build the community and carry out marketing activities in this initial phase:

Here’s a summary of our upcoming milestones

  • Airdrop V1 – Late May 2022. Its available to join now at https://t.me/Go2E_Airdrop_bot
  • Beta Testing App – Early June 2022
  • NFT Shoebox Sale – Mid June 2022
  • $GTE Public Sale – Mid June 2022
  • Mainnet (Official Launch) – Mid June 2022

3, Why do you think this is a long-term and potential project?

Addie – GO2E’s CEO: Sports are an essential element in life. As M2E is very popular right now, I understand everyone’s concerns about this issue.

First of all, we started GO2E with ”Why” – building a healthy and sustainable community, and only used M2E as a way to realize that vision. That’s why we truly believe in the health aspect of our Application, a healthy and balanced lifestyle brings great and long-lasting benefits to our users and in-turn brings long-lasting effects to our project.

Secondly, we already had a detailed plan for upcoming features, focusing on both the Gamefi and Socialfi elements of the project. Personally, I also have a lot of plans with GO2E, that’s why me and my team will try our best to achieve our goals.

4, At this moment, which one is the most necessary for your project and why: Investors, Community, or Market/Exchange?

Addie – GO2E’s CEO: Community is vital for us. We will be sharing our updates with the community and have their feedback as well. We are holding a big airdrop with the total prize of 1,000,000 GTE and have just hit 15K members in the telegram community.

The more people understand and participate in the project, the more people will be able to communicate and spread the word, and exercise and sports will be focused. The fact that “earn” is the value brought when you have both health and money will be a great motivation to be determined to practice.

You can join the airdrop via this link: https://t.me/Go2E_Airdrop_bot

5, Do you think the Move-to-Earn trend in general, Go2E in particular, will have potential in the long run? Or it’s just a hot topic at the moment?

Addie – GO2E’s CEO: Move-to-earn will motivate users to improve their health and earn money. This is not just a trend, this is a new industry worldwide. Move-to-earn will motivate users to improve their health and earn money.

In addition, with this trend, it is possible for everyone to own NFTs of M2E projects in parallel, helping to double and triple the reward value.

6, Does GO2E plan to cooperate with shoe brands in the future?

Addie – GO2E’s CEO: We are in talks with several international brands like Nike, Adidas, etc. The collaboration is a natural step for a M2E app such as GO2E, however we want to proceed with caution since we want to maintain our OG artistic and business direction. We encourage artists to create their own products and send them to us.


1, Do you guys intend to be an official app on the App Store and Google Play for users to access faster? (@hiaarond)

This is a pretty early question that I guess a lot of users will be interested in. With the support of our devoted users, GO2E’s development team is working hard to speed up the progress of making our app available on the official stores like Google Play and App Store asap. I can share with you a short video about the beta:



Rest assured that the upcoming Beta Test and Mainnet version will definitely be available on both IOS and Android platforms for the greatest convenience for users.

2, Would that be detected as cheating if I am not organically moving or just strapping my phone on my dog? (@tobu_wi)

The GO2E system will detect cheating based on each person’s mechanical and biological movements, based on the gravity sensor inside the phone, so strapping the phone on your dog will be detected as cheating.

Let’s earn money by getting your own health better every day 😀

3, Will it be possible to buy Shoe boxes directly in the game? (@ngọc phong)

Currently GO2E users will need to buy Shoe Box on our website to be able to move and earn. But I also have a thought like yours, we will try to do that in the future

See you in the next AMA. Don’t forget to stay tuned on our social media to update the latest news ?

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