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Human need exercise

The benefits of exercising regularly are hard to overlook. Exercise is vital for several reasons, including physical health, longevity, stamina, mood, and more. Not only does regular exercise aid in weight loss, but it also prevents and repairs chronic health issues and even helps you sleep better.

Countless studies have shown that regular physical activity is linked to many benefits to your health and well-being — emotionally, mentally, and physically. Everyone can exercise since workout regimens can be tailor-made for each individual, regardless of sex, age, or physical ability. Do you still need to be convinced?

The science behind habit formation

James Clear, New York Times bestselling author of Atomic Habits (The classic book distils the most basic information about habit formation so we can “accomplish more by focusing on less”), has provided a simple framework to explore the science of habit change. The four steps of a habit loop, says Clear, are the following:

?Cue – the trigger in your brain that initiates a behavior

?Craving – the motivational force behind each habit

?Response – the actual habit that you performed

?Reward – the end goal of every habit that satisfies and teaches you

Unless you’re a regular exerciser, you might not yet have the cues for running. Or, if your reward is a delicious burger you’ve craved for days, you might be undoing all the exercise you just ended up doing!

Luckily, with the habit loop above, we can reframe the four steps into the following law:

?Cue: Make it obvious

?Craving: Make it attractive

?Response: Make it easy

?Reward: Make it satisfying

GO2E, a habit-forming machine

In the modern age, everyone is busy with a long list of daily do’s. It is easy to understand if many of us simply don’t have the time or energy to construct ideal environments to develop healthy habits.

That’s why projects like GO2E are stepping in to help. Let’s look at how GO2E works within the science of habit formation.

?Cue: “Make it obvious.”

On the main screen of the GO2E app, you can easily see:

– Number of steps

– Number of distances travelled

– Number of OTMs earned

– Amount of remaining energy

It makes it “obvious” that the user should use up all their energy to earn as much as possible. This also conjures up the psychology of “loss aversion,” which effectively motivates people to work out.

?Craving: “Make it attractive.”

No matter how good it is for our health, a short lap around the block simply can’t compete with the dopamine rushes of TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram ready at the tip of our fingers. That’s why GO2E has built-in gamification aspects and pleasing designs to add some fun to the mix.

Plus, engaging in the web3 world and flexing your colorful NFT sneaker portfolios can also add some elements of emotion and excitement to GO2E’s attractiveness.

?Response: “Make it easy.”

Walking and running are accessible to anyone, anywhere. In fact, we do it every day for a significant amount of time for commuting purposes.

With GO2E, there’s no need to drive to the gym, check-in, change, and then get to the machine blah. Once you’re in the ecosystem, you’re set, straight and forward.

?Reward: “Make it satisfying.”

With crypto incentives after every walk or run, GO2E ensures that users are rewarded for their workouts. And for many people, that can be the final nudge they need to get themselves on a healthy habit kick.


Move-to-earn shows incredible promise and impact on perspective and how people exercise daily. By building a smart mechanism from a thorough understanding of human psychology and making exercise addictive, GO2E is helping millions worldwide develop healthier habits and integrate a consistent workout routine into their daily lives.

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