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️The internal AMA with was a great success with the presence of GO2E’s CEO Addie.

Thank everyone for joining and raising many interesting questions. It was such a blast for us to share some details about the Beta Test and kick your concerns to the curb!

Each winner who has questions selected will receive 50 GTE (06 pre-selected questions from Twitter/Telegram) or 1 NFT (03 live questions)

In case you missed the AMA, here’s the recap:


  1. Introduction & Pre-selected question
  2. Live Segment


a, Introduction

  1. Some might know you, but can you introduce yourself to our GO2E Community again?

Addie: Greetings guys! I’m Addie — CEO and Co-Founder of GO2E. Hope we will have a nice conversation together.

I used to be the CTO of an outsourcing company. I love technology. I started learning about crypto many years ago. When I knew about NFT Games and Move to earn, that’s when I knew I wanted to create a great game from my experience that brought positive values to society. So I started the GO2E project.

2. Recently, the community has raised many questions regarding the most exciting event ahead: Beta Test. Can you briefly share with us what it is and how the process is going?

Addie: Beta Test is for those who want to get more involved in participating and actively test the app before it officially launches (mainnet). The Beta Test version of GO2E is now 99% complete and being tested internally by the development team.

During this bad market period, we decided not to take big action such as IDO or start selling Shoe Box too soon. However, we believe a Beta Test release for all users in the community to test out and prepare for the mainnet version is an excellent choice. Let’s look forward to it together ?

b. Pre-selected question

1. (TW-peekaboo2433) Is it going to be a Private Beta Test or Public Beta Test? Do we need to own GTE to join?

Addie: A very interesting question from the beginning I would say ?

First, this is a Public Beta Test.

The most crucial reason for making the Beta available to all users is to get high-quality feedback. So we hope you all can join the app from day one, try moving and earning mechanics, and experience all we’ve been working on.

You won’t need to own GTE to join. But make sure you give us critical feedback on features that you enjoy and things that could be better so that we can create the greatest version of GO2E possible.

2. (TW-kaloigoodin2) What does the GO2E roadmap for 2021-22 look like? Name some important milestones you are hoping to achieve?

Addie: In the next 100 days, we will continue to work our best to perfect the app as well as the necessary websites, at the same time we will continue to build the community and carry out marketing activities in this initial phase:

Here’s a summary of our upcoming milestones

– Beta Testing App (Jun 2022)

– NFT Shoebox Sale (Jun 2022)

– $GTE Private & Public Sale (Jul 2022)

– Mainnet (Official Launch) (Jul 2022)

3. (TW-Schroed53826774) In the Beta version of GO2E, what functions have been completed (ready to test) and what has not been (still under development)?

Addie: Beta will be focused on testing game mechanics before we get into economics. Here are the features available in this version:

– Game mode: Go to Exclusive mode (single player mode)

– Level up Sneakers

– Add attribute points

– Repair Sneakers

Let’s take a look at some pictures of our app:

In addition, we are also working hard to develop new game modes like Go to Expand mode, and soon to complete Jewels or Sockets features. These features will be available on the official version of the GO2E, but not in Beta Test

4. (@taehyung88888) Too many M2E projects like #GO2E has started to come out, what do you think about this issue so that the value of StepN does not decrease and whether or not to become a competitor with these applications?

Addie: This is also a question that many people are interested in, right? In my personal opinion, having a good quality product is the key factor that determines whether the project is sustainable or not. And we believe GO2E can become a big competitor in this market.

I’m sure you all see that we are eager to receive the first community feedback for the Beta Test, thereby improving the app so that we have the best mainnet version.

5. (TW-KatieKl12893615) Will the #GO2E app available only over the phone? Can we use the #GO2E application in wearable technology products such as wristbands in the future? Will you do any work on this?

Addie: I’m really impressed with this question. GO2E is now available over the phone, but I like your idea. I will save it as an idea for future GO2E development ?

6. (@hey_frisca) Is there a daily limit to earn in the #GO2E? Or can we try to win in every walk and run we want? Also, are there any country restrictions?

Addie: Yes, GO2E has both Daily Stamina Cap and Daily Token Cap. These limits restrict the amount of Stamina and tokens users can have per day.

Users can increase their Stamina by getting more or higher quality Sneakers or can increase their Daily Token Earning Cap by leveling up their sneakers.

Please check out our whitepaper for more information:

Besides, rest assured that there is no country restriction for our app currently 😀


1.(@HaileyS_1994) What do you think will make your application outstanding more than other Move-to-Earn apps?

As you may know, Go2E is built into a fitness-to-earn app. We will not only focus on running and walking but also on various other sports such as cycling, gym, volleyball, etc.

To do this, we have assembled a large, talented, and experienced development team to concentrate on product development. Other Move-to-Earn apps focus on issuing tokens first, whereas we prioritize developing the product and releasing it afterward.

2. (@esmehehe) On your website it is mentioned that “Beta Test” will be launched. So, how can we help as Beta testers? Is the test limited to a certain number of users or is it available to all? Can Beta testers suggest additional features besides reporting bugs and providing feedback?

There will be no limit to the number of persons that can participate, and information on how to join will be available shortly.

Besides, we also plan to be able to hold a bug bounty contest during the launching Beta Test to let users report errors and provide feedback as we will gladly collect suggestions for further functionality.

3. (@Dev2023) How does GO2E prevent cheating, as it can be seen that there are many apps today that can prevent fake running tests or using bicycles in running events?

Go2E has implemented powerful AI/Machine Learning algorithms to avoid cheating in gameplay modes.

The system has been evolving to prevent out-of-the-box actions that do not add genuine value to one’s health. For example, using public transportation to defraud, assisting machines, etc. The anti-cheating technology will detect if users are attempting to cheat by using numerous devices simultaneously to increase their earnings.

So, if you’re smart, don’t try to cheat. The app’s built-in anti-cheating mechanism will detect if you’re not running or walking like an actual human.

That’s what you’ve missed in our last AMA ?More information about the Beta Test will be announced soon!

See you in the next AMA. Don’t forget to stay tuned on our social media to update the latest news ?


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