Why you should repair your sneaker regularly?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be if a Sneaker is never repaired after some time?

Your GO2E sneaker will be ruined and lose its Durability if you use them for a while, as in real life. Each Sneaker has 100 durability points at maximum and you need to repair it before losing its proficiency:

  • Durability = 50/100, Sneakers Proficiency drops to 90%
  • Durability = 20/100, Sneakers Proficiency drops to 10%

We recommend you take notice of the information below:

1. Remember to repair sneakers before you level up

When your Sneaker is at a higher level or higher rarity, the repair costs will also be increased.

The difference between the repair cost of Varsity and Flex sneaker

2. Always keep your durability points at 100

The Durability attribute relates closely to Sneaker repair costs. The higher the Durability points, the less you need to spend repairing your shoes.

3. Hit the Stop button once you hit your Stamina limit

The Sneaker will lose Durability even if you run with 0 Stamina. So if you don’t tap the stop button, your sneaker durability will decrease and you’ll need to pay more to repair it.

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